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Personal data which is provided by customers when they make a reservation through any of Alfaincoming websites are stored on a server which is the property of Alfaincoming Srl, whose main offices are at Via Monte Fumaiolo 44, 00139 Rome, Italy. Furthermore, any data will be used in accordance to (Italian) Law 675/96.

Personal data will only be used to a) confirm the booking to the customer, et b) to inform the customer of any new services or promotions that Alfaincoming may offer.

Personal data will not be supplied to any third parties, with the exception of the actual required services (e.g. hotels, residences, airport transfer companies …). Full permission for the further use of the personal data is therefore granted for point a) and can be granted, if desired, for point b).

The customer has the right to contact Alfaincoming Srl via email (, in order
1) to enquire about the personal data which Alfaincoming has on record and to be informed of how it is used;
2) to delete or amend any personal data on record;
3) to give permission or withdraw permission to use the personal data in accordance to point b) of the above paragraph.

By accepting the above general conditions, the customer agrees to the treatment of their personal data in compliance to this privacy policy.

Links to other websites: The portals owned by Alfaincoming contain links to other websites. Please note that we hold no liability whatsoever with regards to their privacy policy, or how they handle the personal data which they may obtain from you. In this case, any data received by them from you, may be exempt from L. 675/96 (Italian Law). When following a link to another website, please pay attention to any data you may insert and firstly check how your data is protected and how it may be used. Therefore, please carefully read their privacy policy (such as this one). In order to have a clear idea about the privacy policy of the website you are about to view, we recommend that you contact the administrator or webmaster of the website for further information.

Other information: Alfaincoming reserves the right to change its privacy policy following any changes to Italian law. Any changes will be published on this page and we therefore ask the user to periodically consult this page. The information present on this webpage is for informative use only and does not constitute to a contractual agreement and nor does it give the legal right to any user to confront Alfaincoming, unless it is covered by L. 675/96 of the Italian Privacy Law. For any other information, please contact us at: